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What does marketing mean to you? Is it just a sales back office? It is definitely not. It is much more, especially nowadays when the amounts of communicates, images, and advertisements are blinding our senses. It may be difficult to gain customers' attention, but it's even more difficult to maintain it.

Targeting and positioning is a good starting point but it all depends on how it's been performed. Next, you need to know your market, base on data, develop distribution channels. Business plan, leads, customers - this is all marketing.

It doesn't matter what industry your company operates, you need a good product, or service to solve at least one of the customers' pains. Another approach is to induce a desire, but it depends on your particular business model and offering. There are more corresponding issues like pricing, but these, in turn, link back to your branding. What message do your company convey? Logo, catalogues, visual communication, social-media, PR...this all counts. Let us support you in this intricate journey to improve your business results.

Marketing actions can make or break a sales plan. To reach an ambitious goal, companies need to align sales and marketing efforts. However, as a first step, all the areas of marketing have to be appropriately addressed as it is much more than promotion - it is a whole concept of the particular business. Therefore there is no clear boundary between marketing and strategy. We use various tools, concepts, and experience to add real value to cases we work on.

1. Marketing strategy (including mission, vision, values, roadmap)

2. Branding

3. Distribution channels

4. Competitive environment

5. Demography

6. Politics and environment

7. Marketing mix (product, place, promotion, physical evidence, price, place, people)

8. Customer brief

9. Customer lifecycle

10. Promotion

11. Content

12. Outbound and inbound marketing

13. Social Media and online marketing

14. Print promotion

15. PR and events

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