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Radek Jaros - I'm a business practitioner, passionate about my job. I've spent years working as a Sales and Marketing Director in corporations, dealing not only with the current development needs of companies but also the strategy and change/transformation programmes.

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I'm a manager, but I derive pleasure from sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Hence, I willingly participate in external events or conferences as a speaker.

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Throughout my journey I take on challenges, therefore I don't limit myself to one industry. Changes and improvements, which I've introduced included both an operational area and strategic perspective.

I graduated with an MSc degree from Oxford University and an MBA from Stockholm University. I also spent 2 years working in Germany. Among others, I cooperated with Viessmann/Kospel, PGO S.A./TDJ, Witte Tube & Pipe Systems GmbH, Maass Global Group, Benteler Distribution, Social Insider.  

Due to my passion towards my job, I'm also an author of business articless  (some of them you can read here), and extensive analyses and business research e.g.:

- "What makes strategic business transformation successful. Evidence from Central Europe." (Oxford University, Saïd Business School support)

- "Mota-Engil CE - strategies for sustainable growth." (Stockholm University, Stockholm Business School support)