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Sales consulting

There is no denying that sales can be called the heart of a company. A commercial activity requires sales results. Therefore, sales departments need to be controlled in an appropriate manner. The way the salespeople are coached and led is very important. However, there are multiple problems which can be found after a proper analysis of the particular situation.

Sales management is crucial. Our perception of numbers inflowing from many different sources, psychological aspects, and well thought out sales funnel can make a significant difference in the pursuit of better sales results. How do you plan, which aspects of daily work do you manage, how do you lead, what you can control and what not? These and many more questions have to be answered before a suitable solution will be constructed and introduced. It has to be said that the latter are also two different things, and they are useless without preceding deep market analysis. Let us support you and take your sales processes to the next level.

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Sales constitute the heart of each company. Whereas sales management makes its navigating system.

Without proper management of 14 key areas your company is vulnerable:

1. Current state assessment

2. Defining the desired state

3. Sales strategy development

4. Setting SMART goals

5. Proper planning

6. Proper execution

7. Customer management

8. Meetings and negotiation

9. Coaching and supporting your team

10. Motivational systems adjusted to your goals

11. Regular control and alignment

12. Final review

13. Conclusions and lessons

14. Planning for the net cycle

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