Strategy means the direction you're heading. In your journey, proper analysis and research will be just a starting point.


Your goal, your direction, the essence in your business activity. What is your mission statement, vision, values, organisational structure? Where do you fit in the competitive environment of your industry? There are much more questions when it comes to strategic management. A proper analysis of the market, your resources and capabilities, competition, structure, company culture are just some of the actions that can be considered.

The next step, not less important is to execute the plan and make the strategy alive. Would you like to have a helping hand to ensure good choices?

In today's volatile and fast-paced business environment companies cannot plan for many years ahead. Even a new strategy is a programme which has its time frame. As projects and programmes are proven vehicles for delivering strategy and transforming businesses we use corresponding methodologies in our cases. It depends on the size of the initiative but project management and programme management can strongly support bringing about the expected change.

1. Transformation programme management

2. Change management

3. Project management

4. Planning phase

5. Execution phase

6. Change resistance

7. Turnaround

8. Business process improvement

9. Strategy implementation

10. Team management

11. Metrics and controls

12. Complexity management

13. Organisations design

14. Company culture

15. Mergers and acquisitions integration process

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