Training & coaching focused on sales, marketing, and change management teams in your firm.



Training & Coaching | Management consulting

When developing your company, there are many training needs on the way. Depending on your current situation, we offer our modular, existing training system or embark on a new content tailored to the needs of your company.

Sales training and coaching

Our sales training will equip your salespeople with essential skills allowing them to close more sales and increase your chosen metrics, which affect the results. Our modules include sales techniques, time management, sales process step-by-step, presentation skills, negotiation, meetings and fairs, psychological aspects of sales, sales management, sales metrics, sales coaching.

Marketing, technical training

We can also help you with instilling more business awareness to your team members. Depending on the seniority level you need to address, we can focus on marketing issues and understanding the company direction (embedded training). The modules we typically cover include market analysis, market environment, foundations of marketing management, behavioural aspects of branding.

Change management training

You can count on our support in a change initiative needed in your company. Our coach will act as change facilitator and will help your employees to understand the challenge and its purpose. Modules dedicated to senior staff can help your managers to feel more comfortable in a changing environment and give them tools to introduce change properly. It's a delicate issue, so the way you think, communicate, lead, behave may strongly affect the results of the initiative. Change management principles, programme management challenges, risk management, change resistance - these are modules we use in our training activity.

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